Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Chocolate Hedgehog (recipe)

Rooruu's Chocolate Hedgehog

Melt 250g butter with three (or two, but three is better) 200g blocks of dark chocolate. Use a low heat, just enough, and start the butter melting before adding the chocolate in pieces.

Take off the heat and add a tin of sweetened condensed milk (397g).

Smash two 250g packets of milk arrowroot bickies. As a guide, you want pieces of various coin sizes, not crumb dust. (I do this while the butter and chocolate are melting).

Mix all together in a big bowl (you'll need a big bowl for it all). Aim to have all the bickie bits coated in chocolate.

Line two lamington tins or one larger Swiss roll tin/cookie sheet (one with sides) with non stick baking paper and fill with chocolate hedgehog mixture. Press down gently.

Chill; it's a good idea to cut it into squares before it's entirely set. It's rich, so cut small (nothing is stopping happy people having a second square...or a third...)



(Confession: the recipe which inspired this used three tablespoons of cocoa as the total chocolate input. I felt this needed revision...tried two blocks of chocolate, but three was better :-) ).


If you want to make a half quantity, you'll be left with half a tin of sweetened condensed milk. I never seem to have a problem finding people who'd like some, though, so I've never made a half quantity...


You could add other things, like raisins or nuts or marshmallows, but then it's heading off towards rocky road territory. This is your standard hedgehog, bickies in chocolate.