Monday, December 31, 2012

Easy Street steps1-6

1212 Easy Street steps1-6
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This is steps 1-6 plus the extra bits such as the green QST.

On my practice run step 3, I goofed on the colours ( as I'm changing them from BKH's originals). Above is the correct version - orange HST, grey square.

Next step is revealed on New Year's Day, US east coast time.

I'm still liking my colours....

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Easy Street steps 4 & 5

1212 Easy Street steps 4 & 5
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This isn't how I think the block will go, just a combo layout of steps 4 and 5. There's lots of lime that hasn't yet been used. But I'm happy with my colour choices and how they're looking together.

Easy Street step 5

1212 Easy Street step 5
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It's all looking happy so far.

Easy Street step 4

1212 Easy Street step 4
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I like the orange and grey together.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Comments & word verification

Recently a commenter asked me to get rid of the word verification on comments, and I have given this a go.  Unfortunately, the resulting tide of spam comments (which the word verification had prevented) has caused me to add it back in.  I'm sorry if it is a hassle for you - I'm used to it on so many sites I don't worry about it -  but I can't bear the botheration of that spam tide. Hope you understand. 

Now to get back to normal transmission, or what passes for it.  KLM to catch up on.  Bonnie's Easy Street mystery quilt.  A table runner to make before tomorrow... oh, and the usual weekend chores.  I'm off!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

J is for Just Beautiful

1212 J is for Just beautiful
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The scent of these gardenias is just beautiful. A summer scent, heavy in the air around the hedge of gardenias from which I was given a bunch.


Monday, December 10, 2012

I is for Interior Decoration

This doesn't match other things in the room; but it works with it all. And makes me happy. Which is really the point of interior decoration and making a home.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

H is for Honeysuckle

1212 H is for Honeysuckle
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It's a weed in the garden. I admire its persistence, for persistent it is. And the flowers do smell sweetly pretty. But it will still get cut back again.


G is for Gorgeous

1212 G is for Gorgeous
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Gorgeous boots. Leather and suede and that printed/embossed suede too. I love red leather boots. It may not be quite the weather for them right now, but they'll keep (and were on special, ha!)

(Naot Claudia is the brand/model info).


F is for Favourite

1212 F is for Favourite
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My favourite colour in nasturtium flowers is this unusual rich burgundy, rather than the more usual yellow/orange/red ones. Love the dark rich pop of its colour against the leaves' green. I like the stylized roundness of the leaves too. I can see why Clarice Cliff used them.

E is for Exquisite Embroidery

I bought this online a while ago, from the UK. The fineness of the blackwork embroidery is amazing/beautiful. I've never made anything like it, and don't know if I would have the patience. I'd certainly need a magnifying light.

D is for Drink

1212 D is for Drink
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Diet Coke is the most popular tipple around here. Don't notice the missing caffeine.

C is for Crochet

1212 C is for Crochet
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A vintage crochet granny blanket, found at an op shop for a mere $5. In places the wool (and I'm pretty sure it is wool) needed repIr where it had worn away. I think it's 5 ply rather than eight ply Lovely vintage muted colours - the outer border is midcentury kitchen green. You know that colour? I'm sure you do.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

B is for browsing

1212 B is for browsing
Originally uploaded by rooruu Reverse Garbage, with their most creative Christmas tree. And finding some super stuff for school.

Easy Street - a few more fabrics

I wasn't sure if I was a tad light on orange/tangerine fabrics, so I popped into a quilt shop on my travels yesterday. And bought more greens than oranges. Ahem. Cough. Ah well. I like 'em all. And the shop was closing ten minutes after I got there. (They had a 20% off sale on, too).

I do love how so many more 'modern' quilt fabrics are available now.

Decision: will I make my greens Bonnie's lime, or switch things around and make my greens her aqua, and my oranges her lime? Not sure... they're both about equal in value, in my fabrics, and similar in quantity specified. Dunno. I'll see what the next step brings. Won't know till the mystery ends if I've made the right call, anyhoo.

I saw several versions of an earlier Bonnie Hunter mystery, Double Delight, at a quilty gathering yesterday, and they were all lovely.  So I'm not madly worried.  I like all my fabrics, and I'm sure I'll like the quilt (and it's a big 'un, so I sure as eggs won't be making a second one if I'm stupid enough to think I made the wrong call on which fabric where - nope, I'll have cut my cloth.  Literally).

Saturday, December 01, 2012

A is for Agapanthus

1112 agapanthus 1
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Playing with A Month of Creativity A-Z in December seems like a nice way to be out and about noticing things and taking photos.

So A is for Agapanthus. Admission: I took this photo last year. But the agapanthii are just as lovely this year, right now.

Read more about this month of at Just B by Pip Lincolne:

Easy Street mystery quilt: step 2

Step 2 of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. 128 flying geese with the background fabric and greys (BKH used purple). Not all made so far, but all cut out.

More sewing later this weekend, when this heatwave (over 40degC, around 105deg Fahrenheit!) will be past. I hope!

I planned to use the specialist rulers, but the store let me down, so I've made them as stitch and flip.

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