Sunday, December 02, 2012

Easy Street - a few more fabrics

I wasn't sure if I was a tad light on orange/tangerine fabrics, so I popped into a quilt shop on my travels yesterday. And bought more greens than oranges. Ahem. Cough. Ah well. I like 'em all. And the shop was closing ten minutes after I got there. (They had a 20% off sale on, too).

I do love how so many more 'modern' quilt fabrics are available now.

Decision: will I make my greens Bonnie's lime, or switch things around and make my greens her aqua, and my oranges her lime? Not sure... they're both about equal in value, in my fabrics, and similar in quantity specified. Dunno. I'll see what the next step brings. Won't know till the mystery ends if I've made the right call, anyhoo.

I saw several versions of an earlier Bonnie Hunter mystery, Double Delight, at a quilty gathering yesterday, and they were all lovely.  So I'm not madly worried.  I like all my fabrics, and I'm sure I'll like the quilt (and it's a big 'un, so I sure as eggs won't be making a second one if I'm stupid enough to think I made the wrong call on which fabric where - nope, I'll have cut my cloth.  Literally).

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