Monday, December 06, 2004

Andy Goldsworthy, sculptor

Andy Goldsworthy's sculpture is an extraordinary example of patterning. With natural materials - rocks, ice, poppy petals, leaves. His works are landscapes of the imagination within the natural world. They expand my understanding of what sculpture can be and can do. His work shows a man's impact on nature - nature does not create a line of poppy petals across a grass field, or an ice arch, and yet his work is immensely respectful, using as it does the materials of the landscape, from the monumental - immense branches - to the humble - dandelion flowers resting in a quiet eddy pool of a busy river. It reminds me of dry stone walls, another work of people that lives harmoniously in the natural world. I like Christo's work too, but his sculpture imposes man-made materials onto the landscape - pink surrounds to islands, shrouding curtains. Andy Goldsworthy's is about understanding the world he explores in such careful, attentive detail.

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