Monday, June 02, 2008

Kiva: the Cielo group

This is my most recent Kiva loan, to this Cielo group: a continent away, over the Pacific Ocean, in Bolivia, they're sewing too.

You can lend through Kiva, microfinance to the world's poor, from as little as $25US. The money is paid back, and then you can lend it again. What's not to like? Please consider participating too. There are so many different people and businesses, all worth supporting - reading about each business is a window to understanding how the world works in other places.

The main activity of the group "Sky" is making hand embroidered clothes, purses and folk disguises. They work with Pro-Mujer and take on much responsibility. They have already finalized the work that people have ordered, art work for stores, and folk disguises for fairs in the city of "La Paz."

The dream of the association is to export their products to the interior and exterior of the country. In order to do this, they need better credit to replenish their capital for work and be able to hire personnel to help them in the business. They already have orders that demand manual labor and much time and they will train these new employees in order to ensure the quality of their products. In this way, they will achieve better economic and personal status for the benefit of their homes.

Here are their names: Fernando Gutierrez (not pictured), Betty Flores, Gladys Yapu, Cintia Bravo, Filomena Rada, Norka Claure, Emilia Chabarria (not pictured), Ana Fernandez, Feliza Suares, America Garcia, Ivlin Alfaro, Patricia Guerrero, Blanca Chabarria.

I've added a Kiva banner over on the silver sidebar - take a look at the business there (it refreshes each time the blog page is reloaded) as a place to start...

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