Saturday, November 01, 2008

Date loaf

0811 date loaf
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Afternoon tea, after a day including a quilt show, a quilt shop and Ikea (blue Christmas bird lights! Hurrah! - will post a pic soon) in good company.

And home, to the quietness of late afternoon, the day cloudy and enough time to bake a date loaf. The smell drifted about the house, warm and welcoming, and it tasted (as you can see) good. Topped with cinnamon sugar, buttered and eaten with relish (figurative, not literal), warm from the oven.



Janellybelly said...

Hi Ruth
Can you post the recipe please, it looks delicious!
Janelle :)

rooruu said...

Ah Janelle, it's very very difficult... (just hope my dear mama doesn't read this, I wasn't brought up to use packet mixes!!)

A friend put me onto the Green's Date Loaf packet mix some years ago, and dang, it's a good one - it's in any Australian supermarket. I've added more chopped dates, sometimes, but it doesn't need them if you don't have any on hand. I've made it as a loaf, a round, as tiny muffins and it's worked. The topping isn't part of the mix, but my own addition (does that redeem me at all??) - just butter the top a bit with butter butter (not margarine butter) when it's hot out of the oven, and sprinkle over some cinnamon sugar.

Easy as!

(sorry, Mum. I do make things from scratch too....!)