Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Waltzing Matilda

With several Australia Day celebration options, I decided to go up the Blue Mountains to Katoomba so I could see the Bushwackers perform.  They're an Australian bush band; no, THE Australian bush band, nearly forty years old (with various personnel over that time) and I've loved their music for, oh, over thirty of those years... it's kinda folk/Celtic/country, distinctive whether they're playing instrumental or songs.  Some songs are traditional, others new.  Whatever, it's all good stuff. 

They played two sets, and in between was time to happily wander the antiquey/junky shops and bookshops (new and second-hand) of Katoomba.  Had a great day.  It was hot in Katoomba (32degC), and very hot (ten degrees hotter) at home.  Definitely a day for a hat and slipslopslapping with the sunscreen.

I bought two of their albums which I didn't have, and have been enjoying them very much this evening.  Definitely an Australian day (well, except for the American chocolate brownies I baked this evening ready to take to work tomorrow).

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madebyslade said...

Reminds me of an Australia Day I had many years ago at Old Sydney Town. It was a bush dance and I'm pretty sure it was The Bush Wackers who played. Good way to celebrate the Day!