Monday, August 09, 2010


Had a lovely weekend in Canberra.  Saturday was the quilt show (big NO PHOTOGRAPHY signs up, so no photos to show you) and the charming company of friends.  One of whom always has inspiring new creative books to show me, and had some Cath Kidston treasures for me.  One of my favourite quilts was a New York Beauty by a first-time exhibitor - wonderful colours, and I especially liked how if you looked at it closely, while a number of the fabrics might have qualified as 'fuglies', it all worked together really well to make a vibrant and beautiful quilt. (Brenda has provided a winners' gallery link in her comment, but this quilt isn't there.  Trust me, it was a corker!)

There was white, white frost on Saturday morning, and ice on the car (doesn't get as cold and frosty at home).  I forgot to take a photo, but enjoyed it with my eyes...

On Sunday morning at Jamison trash and treasure markets there were things I recognised and was so very glad I'd never bought, way back when, because I'd be trying to sell them now too.. (if I hadn't already tossed 'em).

And there was some treasure.  The Shopping Sherpa found some, and I came home with a vintage leather suitcase ($20), a painted/worn wooden lidded box ($10 - perfect for using for the week's recyclables in the kitchen) and a rather too gynaecological (in a sinister way) vintage Singer buttonholing attachment in a box ($2).  Not a painting, because the chap wanted too much; nor the interesting tin box, ditto.  There were people selling less usual (okra) and more usual vegetables and fruits, flats of brightly coloured pansies and polyanthus and a cheerful crowd of people of all sorts and kinds browsing the wares (after all, my trash could be their treasure...).  Many nice friendly stallholders, too.

No snow on the way home (as happened a few years ago), just clear blue winter skies.  There was some water in Lake George, which hasn't been the case the last few times I've driven past (um, that's about the only thing I photographed... photo here soon).  Those wind farm turbines must be eNORmous, if they look as big as they do from the lookout on the main road side of the lake.

I'll have to get the camera out next time...

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Brenda Gael Smith said...

Canberra Quilters have a prize winners'gallery on their website.