Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Progress & wool fumes

(this would be better with a photo or two. I'll post some soon. For now you'll have to believe me...) I have just managed to overcome the intoxicating impact of wool fumes ( the Yarn Harlot has commented on the phenomenon of wool fumes) and can report that the Rose Garden granny throw is a dozen small (5 round) squares from all the blocks being made. That's 18 big (10 round) squares done, and 60 small. Not bad going for February and March. When the last ones are done, there's blocking and sewing together and maybe three rows to crochet around the outside. And then it's done. It's been decades since I crocheted or knitted. It's been fun to play with them again, and play with colour in yarn, and feel those rhythms in my hands, the small happy satisfaction of a row completed. And there is so much inspiration on Ravelry! www.ravelry.com I should (should I?) do but one project at a time ( who says? And am I likely to break the multiple-project habit of a lifetime?) so it gets done and doesn't stay a WIP. But I KNOW the red sofa will be sporting a finished Rose Garden throw this winter. And I have only just started my version of the Blooming Flower cushion from Lucy's wonderfful blog Attic24. And the wrap in those madly beautiful colours in that Lincraft Big Wool ( uninspired name, lovely thick and thin yarn) is more than half knitted... Excuse me while I succumb to those wool fumes again......!

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Isabelle said...

I think I'm immune to wool fumes at the moment... But my daughter certainly isn't.