Sunday, September 30, 2012


1209 basket/texture
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The Barbara's Storehouse shop at Mittagong had these large square baskets on their front verandah. Intended for firewood, I'd guess. Love that honest texture, the craft of the thick cane, the subtle colours, the feeling they already have of age and time and story. My kind of furnishing - rustic, real.

I remember many years ago in the 1980s when the original Barbara's House and Garden stores were a revelation in home furnishing, doing what other shops weren't - simple cane baskets, and plain white china, and striped cotton tea towels and so much more. They're all gone now; but those things are more available than they were then. (The chain apparently collapsed due to franchise problems).

I think the ones at Mittagong (mainly furniture) and Bowral (mainly china, kitchenware, cushions etc) are distant relations.

The Facebook page seems more active than the website, in terms of uploading examples of their stock.

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