Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ikea bird lights

0812 Ikea bird lights
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Everything else has been so busy that there hasn't been a lot of Christmas decorating going on around here. There's a string of fairy lights around the verandah that come on every night, and I did invest in these bird lights from Ikea. They're LED, battery powered, and came in several colours - blue, white, orange, yellow. Ikea's had some great little individual LED lights like this over the last few years - dragonflies, hearts - just fun (and safer than tealights, if you're not in the room all the time). They also have small strings of battery powered fairy lights, very handy to wear when wearing fairy lights is called for...



Anonymous said...

how do i get the ikea bird lights my son had one and they are really cool are they in the new catalog or old one, or where can i pick one up.

rooruu said...

These were from the Christmas 2008 range at Ikea. They generally do a light like this in their Christmas range. The store I go to sold out after Christmas and as is usual with Christmas stock, didn't get more, so I don't know how you'd find one now. Sorry!