Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So I excavated the box of scraps (strips and squares, mostly, some strips a tad erratic) left over from various quilts and patchwork projects over the last year.  Is it sad, that I can look at any of them and tell you which quilt or project they were in?  No, I don't think so.  It's good to remember and reminisce (and it would have been smart to take a photo at this point, but I didn't think of it).

I'd started assembling some blocks with them.  So I did a quick bit of designing to work out how many blocks I'd need, then kept sewing.  Sew, press, trim, sew some more.  I made 54 blocks and the pile of scraps looked barely dented.....

Right, then. I did another quick bit of designing.  Hmmmm.  Over 80 blocks required for this idea.  That oughta dent it....  Sew, press, trim, sew some more, repeat....

It has.  The box of scraps is almost empty, and the 80 blocks are close to being completed.  Not sure if there will be time on Christmas Eve/Day to assemble either quilt, but there's always Boxing Day.  It's been really fun to use the scraps, instead of letting them fester and do nothing.  I had idea#3 lined up and ready to go, but I'll need to wait for more scraps to accumulate.

Oh, and in case you wondered, the last few days have also included Christmas shopping, breakfast in a rather nice caf (forgot to photograph my spinach/feta/pumpkin frittata with salad, dressing and chutney, but trust me, it was very very good), various appointments (I'm responsible for getting my hairdresser addicted to Diana Gabaldon books, ha!) and so forth and so on.  But not work, because I'm on holidays, hurrah hooray.

Thanks for the nice welcome back comments from Taph and Fran and Janelly and Candy!



Quiltycat said...

Gosh Ruth if you need scraps to finish the third project, you only have to ask! I'm sure I would have some to spare!! Looking forward to seeing a pic or two of the scrappy outcomes! Merry Christmas, C

rooruu said...

Dear C,

How very kind (or evil?!)


Thank you.


I am trying to dent the pile of scraps I have!!!!