Saturday, February 14, 2009

Card and compass

0902 card and compass
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One of the kids in my family is 21, and we were asked to bring something that reminds us of the birthday one. I got a compass, for the birthday one's strong sense of direction in life, and wrote this in the card:

Time flies! I remember you only a few days old, looking, looking, paying attention to everything around you. Little, when you were very precise about tidy things, like getting rid of price stickers. The Christmas you were two, and hopped with joy from foot to foot, unable to contain your excitement.

It's a joy to see you grown into the person we saw as a baby - change, and not change.

Happy 21st! (the quilt* will come) and every good wish and hope for the realisation of dreams, and the discovery of new ones.

*quilt has already been discussed, and is on the to-make slate.

They grow so fast!


Isabelle said...

Very sweet words.

meggie said...

Every mother should receive a warning, along with her baby;
"Don't Blink".