Sunday, February 01, 2009

Vintage cutlery II

It's all very well finding a cache of lovely vintage forks and spoons, but you do need knives...

A sharp eyed friend spotted a mixed box of vintage cutlery in an old wares shop we were liking very much. A bit of sorting and hunting, and I had a set of knives. I gather the handle on these isn't bone, but some sort of early plastic (xyrene or some name like that, someone said) and they're stainless steel.

But now we lay the table with beautiful cutlery - not all quite matching, esp. if there are more than six people. But like the spoons and forks, these are happy in the hand. My previous set of cutlery, basic plain vanilla 80s stainless steel, has served well. But these vintage pieces just add something extra to the ordinary business of daily meals.

I did look at modern sets, and never quite found one that I liked. Either they didn't work in the hand, or were too moderne one way or another, or trying to be too clever or designed, or felt somehow flimsy. The sturdy, plain design of the vintage cutlery that's come my way is just right. Just right.

And then I chuckle, because it's very much like the cutlery I grew up with, except now (I don't remember why) my parents use a moderne set.



Anonymous said...

Ruth you are so right! I have two bone handled butter knives that butter my toast, mix my scones, lift my biscuits off the trays... one the blade has worn down to just a sliver but they are well loved. I keep an eye out at our local op shop in case I ever spot more!
Wanted you to know how much I love your Recycled Threads Projects (Country Threads fan from issue 1 but new to blogging!)

meggie said...

I smiled when I saw your knife finds. I susect they went out of style because the handles became discoloured when washed in too hot water. Of course, dishwashers were the ruination, so I suppose modern stainless steel took over, in this busy life!
I have my mother's much treasured set of cream handled knives, along with the silver plated forks & spoons. My mother always lovingly washed her cultery very gently in not-too-hot water!