Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quilt binding essentials

When I'm binding a quilt, some things are essential:
This Clover design is my favourite sort of thimble; this is my second one.  The first (eventually) needed replacing as the leather had stretched too much.  Binding clips (less stabby than pins), thread and a needle (I prefer crowbar-sized ones for binding, just because I do).  The lid is useful too - it corrals the thread and binding clips as I go.  I know some people don't enjoy binding, but I do - usually watching a film or TV program, or listening to an audiobook, as it's not exactly the most complex bit of a making a quilt, but it's soothingly repetitive.  And satisfying when you put in the last stitch.  Oh, and then remember you're not finished, there's the label to go....

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