Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Queen's Jubilee logos

Digging around for something else, this caught (and delighted) my eye:
Is the official logo for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012 fun or what?  It was the winner in a design competition run by the iconic British TV program for kids, Blue Peter, and was designed by Katherine Dewar.

Compare the energy and charm of this with the logos for her previous jubilees:

which did come in assorted colourways/forms:

,,,but seriously, don't they make you yawn just a tad in comparison to Katherine Dewar's design?  A bit stuffy, a lot safe...

The Diamond Jubilee logo also comes in a Welsh version:
It's absolutely charming.  Has all the gear it needs: Union Jack, crown, fabulous diamonds, necessary text.  Read about the logo, the guidelines for using it and find downloadable files in various formats/sizes by clicking here.

Seeing the threee together also gives a neato snapshot of design styles and fashions over this period; no way anything as Establishment as the monarchy would have countenanced Katherine Dewar's design in 1977.

What do you think?

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double jubilee logo
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