Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New crochet inspiration : #crochet issue 2

It's generally a good day when there's a new issue of a good crochet magazine to read. I hadn't come across this one before (it's from the UK, #crochet issue 2, winter 2014). Its contents are testament to the fact that crochet doesn't have to be daggy but can be cool and stylish and fun.

Most of the designs seem to have been sourced from books by established crochet designers such as Nicki Trench and Kat Goldin. Some examples (which make it worth the cover price, IMHO):

I was looking for a crochet egg cosy pattern...
That looks like a stitch I could use in other items, too.
How simple and effective are these? They would look good with Noro-style yarns with long runs of colour (I wouldn't be so keen on blotchy short run variegated yarn; but then I rarely am keen on clown barf blotchy short run variegated yarn...). Cleckheaton Artisan might work... (Although it's a thicker yarn than the pattern, but one could adapt to suit; edited to add and it's discontinued. But the general point remains...).
I don't know if I'd make this, but it's wonderfully cheerfully bright. (Also, black and white skin-out cow skin print Docs!!)
Easy stripes and a pompom edging. Winner! Good idea for a beginner, too.
These are around for under $30, so I don't know if I'd make one. But if I wanted to recover a footstool, having a pattern to draw on does help.
There doesn't seem to be a digital edition for this magazine, or much of a web presence (?). They do have a (paper) subs page: http://www.buysubscriptions.com/hcrochet1 (to get the first issue, Hashtag Crochet 1).
(Leave a comment if you know more!)
This issue was $AU15.95 at the newsagency.



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