Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Beeyootiful fabric
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Amy Butler, Brackman & Thompson - goddesses of fabric design! It's always a good day when a parcel arrives from the Fat Quarter Shop.

This is the second range, the fall palette, of Charm, by Amy Butler for Free Spirit. I bought the fat quarters because I didn't feel comfortable with them*.

My first reaction to Charm was oh. Um. Gee I liked Ginger Bliss... And then I was given some of the first range, and found in using it how usable it is, that the scale and style of the designs works far better than I'd guessed with other fabrics. I've seen quilts using Charm mostly sticking only to that range, or to Amy Butler fabrics. But it's more versatile than that.

*So I now own bits of it all, and am challenging myself to integrate it with other fabrics.

It can get too easy to over-analyse fabrics, and yet my favourite thing is to see how wonderfully antique scrappy quilts are assembled from a melange of mismatches that somehow, usually, gloriously work together. Bah humbug to matchy-matchy!

The small-c charm squares are from a new range, Spencer Museum by Barbara Brackman and Terry Clothier Thompson for Moda. It looked kinda nice, and charm squares are a good way to have a leetle of a lot (which Moda's marketing has discovered in the last year or two). And thus my quilts can include a whole lot of different fabrics without buying fat quarters or meterage/yardage.

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i bought the same amy butler fat quarter set and turned it into pillows. i was quite happy with it except for the stripes which drove me crazy - apparently i'm not good at cutting or sewing straight!
here's what i made... i think you'll enjoy working with them. they really are interesting fabrics i think.