Saturday, March 18, 2006


0603 Scrapbooking
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Spent a happy day working on a calendar using family photos. It's a delightful way to spend a Saturday with friends. And I always love the chance to play with colour.

I used to be rather rude about scrapbooking, particularly when all I had seen was pretty much cardstock and cutesy-poo stickers and wall to wall 'are my kids/pets cute or what?' pages. And then I went to a scrapbooking store and found printed papers for me to sigh over like I sigh over fabric. I still quilt far more than I scrapbook, but it's fun to play with. They also have a bunch of scrapbooking supplies which can be redeployed into quilting.

I don't use cardstock or stickers much. One of my friends commented, "You scrapbook like you're quilting". Looking at this picture, I see tone-on-tone, stripes, spots, patterns, variety in scale. Yup, I scrapbook like I'm quilting!

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