Friday, May 05, 2006

April 2006 mosaic

April 2006
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One of the accessories to having photos stored at Flickr is fd's Flickr toys, including the mosaic maker. And can you have fun with that? Oh yes!

This blog aims to include a photo a day. The mosaic here is April's photos all together - I'm interested to see what has occupied/preoccupied me, to see if I can discern themes or trends. Nature. Quilts. Creativity. The ordinary. The everyday-beautiful. Shapes. Colours. History. And I KNOW that without carting a camera about every day, I'd have missed most of these, or forgotten them. I can't help wondering what my grandmother or great grandmother would have seen, if either one had done the same (and had a portable camera). I wonder what future generations will make of our blogs, and the way in which we can detail and illustrate our everyday lives. I know I'd much rather read yarnstorm (currently with pics of beautiful tulips) or yarn harlot (currently wrestling with a heavy cold) or any one of a multitude of other blogs, to learn about the early 21st century, ahead of Hansard.

We've been having a balmy autumn, with little or no rain, and we need it. The dam levels are still dropping - Goulburn's town dam is officially dry, and the dams serving the Sydney area are falling too - and one tends to bend a suspicious eye on anyone with lush grass. Just this week I've noticed the deciduous trees changing, bright yellow or rich russet against the blue skies. It's a bit tricky to catch them then and there when you're driving though. Perhaps on the weekend.

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