Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Gee's Bend challenge quilt

gee's bend challenge quilt
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Some friends and I are going to use this quilt, Roman Stripes by Willie "Ma Willie" Abrams of Gee's Bend as the inspiration for a two-month challenge.

A colleague came back from a US holiday and told me all about the quilts she'd just seen in Atlanta. She's not even a quilter, and she's seen the exhibition I've been dreaming of seeing for years!!!!! One day, someday, I'm going to see the quilts of Gee's Bend...

Years ago I saw Lit from Within, an exhibition of Pennsylvania Amish quilts, in Melbourne. However often I'd seen them in books, nothing prepared me for the impact of seeing them in the gallery. They had such resonance, such power. I'm sure the Gee's Bend ones will be the same.

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Sarah said...

Gees Bend quilts are genius... glad to see we think alike again love the blog...

PS right back at you :)