Monday, January 14, 2013

14/365 Bar Beach, Newcastle in wild, windy weather

The wind was so strong! Some gusts enough to nearly knock you off your feet. But it was neither hot nor cold, but salty-sandy, exhilarating, blowing all sorts of cobwebs away.

On Nobbys, there were flags out but no one swimming. At Bar Beach, from this lookout, it seemed like only a red ?warning flag.

We stopped at several lookouts on the coast road. Each one windy, the waves whitecaps of energy.

At the Ocean Baths, a bridegroom, his attendants, celebrants and guests awaited the bride. I hope they weren't blown away! (A picturesque wedding location for sure, but the Victorian wedding cake bandstand in the park a couple of kilometres down the coast might have been easier...!)

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