Friday, January 18, 2013

17/365 Alchemy

1301 17/365 Alchemy
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Successfully and happily making her first garment.

The little Ikea sewing machine she got for Christmas worked well. It's not a toy, but solid and serious enough to be a good starter machine. (it's called Sy, and in Oz is $79. I've sewn on a fair number of new and old machines, and this had a good sound to the motor, enough weight not to jump around and made a perfectly acceptable stitch. It would be worth considering as a portable workshop machine, IMHO.)

Such a pleasure to see her joy at turning a length of cute owl fabric into a pair of pyjama pants, and the aha! moments that were part of the process. I think I've kindled what I hoped to... (note the tape measure round the neck! - she took to that with gusto as dressmaker attire/tool to hand, she wearing it, not me.)

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