Tuesday, January 08, 2013

8/365 scraps into gold

1301 8/365 Scraps into gold
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Something I will certainly take away from making Easy Street and thus reading Bonnie Hunter's blog is the idea of consistently having leaders/ enders while piecing. (Starting and ending each run of chain piecing with scraps, which build into blocks, slowly but surely).

In this blog entry she shows another quilter's leader/ender project, 1 1/2 in squares.

I am not as methodical; I've been using the cutting scraps in the size they are. After all, when cutting for a quilt you often have similar size cuts, 2 inch or whatever. I began by piecing pairs with one side the same size, and built from there (sometimes skimping on the 1/4in seam so I could use a piece). I built each assemblage until it was slightly bigger than 4 1/2in square, then trimmed it to 4 1/2in square. I've pieced these into nine patch blocks.

There are four of the ninepatch blocks in the photo, 36 of my little leader/ender scraps-into-gold blocks. I like 'em!

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