Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Homemade Life

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I've been reading Molly Wizenberg's blog, Orangette, for a while, and do enjoy her writing. She and Posy get Cozy's Alicia make you feel like you're sitting at their kitchen tables, having a lovely chat. If you want the flavour of either, their blogs are the place to start. Some successful bloggers I've found, over time, to have acquired an edge of smug that I don't enjoy, but not Molly or Alicia.
This week's been nutty-busy with work, and little else achieved in the evenings, partly but not entirely due to two power cut evenings. I know I COULD sew by candlelight, but I won't. And I needed the extra sleep, anyway. One of the two nights, the storm was violently spectacular.
So the weekend's going to include housework and sewing and family time and reading and more sleep and all the good things that the weekend makes possible. I hope yours is the same.
I got my copy of this book from The Book Depository, since I guessed it would be a bit of an obscurity here and I wanted it on publication. Rather like this photograph of it on the back of several unfinished quilting projects from my homemade life.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE Orangette. Have you blogged about it before? Maybe I found it through your blog? The first recipe I found on there remains one of my favourite meals..

candyschultz said...

Will we ever see your studio?