Monday, March 23, 2009


Here's an entirely silly and amusing game to play, which I saw here on Meet Me at Mikes.

Google LUCKILY and your name, eg. "luckily Egbert" (how happy I am to not be called Egbert).

And then blog the results. I added the italic commentary...  eg:
  • Luckily Ruth realised where she put it...sometimes
  • Luckily Ruth answered our requests...yes and no
  • Luckily Ruth suggested that we take things one step at a time...very sensible
  • Luckily Ruth agreed (or insisted) that she went along... I hope that was wise
  • Luckily Ruth remembers that the home had an old bomb shelter...don't remember remembering that!
  • Luckily Ruth got here first...not usually
  • Luckily Ruth followed my lead... smart thinking?
  • Luckily Ruth realises she's supposed to teach us...ooops - better not forget that!
  • Luckily, Ruth piped in with just the right big sister question..I have a good role model
  • Luckily Ruth saw the funny essential survival skill
  • Luckily Ruth paid more attention in her classes and was able to sort most things out...learning from experience (see above!)
  • Luckily Ruth believed me...guillible or kind?
  • Luckily, Ruth appeared...happens eventually
  • Luckily Ruth has a good friend...more than one.  Lucky me.
  • Luckily Ruth was at the ready to rescue us if we had problems and to answer any queries...a day in the life, that.
If you play too, leave a comment so I can go and read your ones!

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