Monday, March 30, 2009


0903 leaf
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I feel a bit like this leaf, I think. Some colour left, but a bit battered and tired around the edges. As you can likely tell from the rather intermittent nature of this blog in recent weeks, other things - mostly work and several demanding tasks there - have been taking time and energy and thought and imagination, and at day's end there's not as much left over for other things, or re-creation, however important it is (it is).
Easter's coming soon, and a break/holiday and a bit of time for work to sink back into a smaller role, other things to rise and take their place. Time to restore, renew. I know autumn's not spring cleaning time, but the holiday will be time to clean in that way - clean out what's not needed any more, make space for what's new. Let some things fall away, their time over. See what's come. Focus on the present, think about the future.
There's a certain peace to autumn that I don't find in summer. Perhaps it's the weather, more easily borne, more livable than summer's hectic heat, not as demanding as winter (although a Sydney winter is hardly the world's most demanding winter, I know). Perhaps it's the sense of the year underway, and then a break to restore and renew, gather energy to go forward.
It's almost time to think about dinner. Prawn (shrimp) and mushroom risotto, I think. Seafood's plentiful and reasonably priced right now, and it's a warm, comforting bowl of crunch and salty and sweet, and just a little rich that will give savour to the end of the day. It's started raining - they've forecast showers for most of this week - and comfort food will be on the menu.


candyschultz said...

I've been blogging for along time now and there have been times when I felt like writing nothing. Actually there are times when I felt like doing nothing also. Good thing life demands things or I would turn into my couch.

But still - when will we see your studio?

rooruu said...

Hi Candy: I will post pictures of my studio when there is a studio of which I can take pictures and about which I can post. Which isn't the case right now. But I appreciate your interest!