Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kiva: meet Luis Alberto Torrez Gutiérrez

Luis Alberto Torrez Gutiérrez is 63 years old and is married. All of his children work independently. Don Luis has a tailor’s shop. He has had the business for 22 years, and he began because he needed work and needed to contribute to the family expenses and in this way help his wife. Don Luis’s goals are to become more well-known for the production of his suits, for which he waits day after day to improve the quality of his products and offer his clients the best. This loan will be used as working capital so he can buy necessary products such as thread, fabric, scissors and pins. Don Luis’s greatest desires are to establish a dressmaking workshop to create jobs for those who really need them. He is requesting a loan for 10,000 córdobas.  See more info here.
This is my tenth Kiva loan.  Will I admit to being swayed by the sewing machine? (he's sewing suits with a treadle machine) - well, that, and his cheerful grin.  And the sewing associations.
Kiva involves lending to the working poor, entrepreneurs in the third world, and it's such fun!  Once I've loaned, I don't take out the repayments, but loan again. 
There's a Kiva widget in the sidebar.  Why don't you lend to the person whose info is there?  Or browse the Kiva site for someone else you can help?

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