Friday, April 10, 2009

Daisy, daisy

0903 daisy, daisy
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Easter holidays.

Time to stop, and see the daisies. The house smells of hot cross buns, spice and fruit (I tried one of the choc-chip ones promoted by a bakery chain, but they ain't got nuffin compared to the real proper sort; one supermarket sells hot cross buns labelled 'fruitless', at which I holler, YES!). Hot chocolate is a good accompaniment, though.

The weather is mellowing into autumn. Daylight saving is over, so the mornings are light again and the evenings draw into darkness sooner, and it feels right. Time to switch over clothes, find the flannel jarmies and add a quilt or two to the bed. Invested in new pillows, and it's amazing what a difference it makes - the old ones had flattened out a lot.

Work has been so hectic, it's good to have some time to regroup and re-energise. The quilting pile is full of possibilities, the reading pile ditto, and I want to go through my books again and cull, so some of the newer acquisitions can be shelved. Hmmmm. Does that sound like a peaceful, restful holiday? Or am I just replacing busy with busy?

I hope your Easter break is proving peaceful.

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