Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quiltlet: K is for Kalgoorlie

There wouldn't be many quilters without the odd doyley or ten stashed away somewhere, with plans to use them sometime, somehow... Australian Patchwork and Quilting vol. 17 no. 11 (the current issue) has a focus on recycled quilts, so I turned to the doyley stash here for inspiration.  The cottage doyley was charming, the bluebirds sweet and I had a length of linen ready to hand.  The linen came from an art supply shop - worth trying if you're after linen, as it was a LOT less expensive than fabric shop linen.  (This is where I found it, but I bought it from a (physical) shop, so I'm not sure if this is exactly the same.  But it's the correct retailer, so you can email them and enquire).  I added some simple embroidery inspired by the fancywork, and stash doyleys became something I could put on display to enjoy.

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wanda art. said...

Hi , your work is Beautiful