Monday, April 27, 2009

Alexander McCall Smith interview on ABC TV

Geraldine Doogue interviews Alexander McCall Smith on this week's Compass program - this Sunday night coming on ABC1, repeated 1 May on ABC2.  TV guide details here, Compass program website here.
Since I've read so many of his books this year, I will be interested to hear him speak.
Also this week on the ABC is the doco about Tim Minchin, Rock and Roll Nerd.  Dang, but he's a clever man with words and music, and his Required grand piano.  Program info here.  Thursday night.

Today, it feels like the season turning.  Warm in the sun in the middle of the day, but cool at beginning and end, and you start to think about winter clothes, and the heater, and hot water bottles and flannelette, and pea and ham soup, and other things which were impossible and unthinkable in January's scorchers.  A curious thing: however well it's dusted, the living room heater always has crevices of dust that whiff up its first firing.

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