Friday, May 29, 2009

coming soon....

....more blog entries.  Work's been crazy-busy, and I've been working on other deadlines too.   Hope your lives have been calmer!  It felt wintry today (wintry for here) - a nip in the air, and wanting a coaty layer while heading for the car, and the heater went on at home for the first time this evening.  So it's kinda amusing to be reading northern hemisphere blogs with delighted/delightful effusions about spring and summer.  Still, after the summer we had, there are no complaints about cooler weather, no siree!
This evening I've been trying to get a Christmas project together, and the fabrics just won't cooperate.  I haven't cut any, am still working on the design.  Fabrics are fine, I'm happy with what I have, but I just haven't yet landed on exactly how they should go together, block/layout.  I don't usually find this particularly difficult, but tonight, with a tired tired brain, I've been messing about in EQ for a couple of hours and nuffin is working.  Think I'll sleep on it.  Tomorrow is another day!
And the weekend.  Hurrah!

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Are you going to be a traditional quilt?