Saturday, May 09, 2009

Small domestic pleasures

  • The warmth of sunshine on clothes from the washing line
  • Quiet time to read the Saturday newspaper on the verandah
  • The smell of baking that you know is almost ready
  • A new book you've been looking forward to reading
  • The corner of the sofa to curl up into to read
  • Watching a quilt come together, something that was an idea and is now real
  • Flannelette sheets on cold evenings
  • New season Pink Lady apples, crisp and sweet and tart
What would be on your list?


The Shopping Sherpa said...

* A freshly made bed
* An empty washing basket
* And ironing pile (I can dream, can't I?)
* Having a day that seems to stretch forever, giving you time to do all those silly little niggly things that you "haven't had time to get to"
* A clear desk and a new project to work on
* Opening the first jar of a batch of chutney or relish you made months ago.

Nell said...

I was only thinking of my happy list last night in the bath!
For me:
reading in the bath until the water gets cold
baking with my small kidlets
fresh flowers from my garden
fresh free range eggs from my chookies
spending time in the garden
cooking with vegies and fruit from our patch
sunday morning fry-ups
clean flannel jammies and clean cotton sheets
using vintage embroidered tablecloths and doileys

Have a happy day!

Janellybelly said...

Love your list Ruth. I am currently curled up reading 'Into the Wilderness' by Sara Donati. I just read the cameo appearance (well, mention really) of Young Ian, Jamie and Claire :)
Janelle x