Sunday, May 31, 2009

what to do on quite a, I mean a quiet Sunday

  • Breakfast. Tigger Tail bread (because the label saying it's made from "local and important" ingredients makes me chuckle) and the last of the double brie
  • Download audiobooks in my ISP's bonus time (so this doesn't vacuum up the megabytes quite so much) - first up, I've succumbed to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, because in the sample the reader did a spiffing job - and I might be able to use bits of this at work. I'm behind in downloading - the list also includes Bill Bryson (Notes from a Big Country) and Skulduggery Pleasant books 2 and 3 (because Rupert Degas' narration is beyond brilliant).
  • Wonder again why authors/agents/publishers/ conspire to make so many books I'd like to download 'unavailable to my geographic area'. Don't they want my custom/money? Sometimes you can get them on CD, but really truly, I don't want to mess around with CDs and boxes and postage. Just want to download them to my computer and transfer them to my iPod. And listen, and enjoy.
  • Cut out the Christmas table runner (I gave up and chose entirely new fabrics that are happy to co-operate with my design ideas)
  • Make the Christmas table runner
  • Bind the other Christmas quilt that I sewed and quilted yesterday
  • Feel pretty much unChristmassy, but then you never do in April/May, even though that's the season when you're designing magazine projects
  • Listen to The Time Traveler's Wife on audiobook again while addressing the above items (William Hope and Laurel Lefkow, your work is brilliant!) and wonder why the dogs, I mean gods of film distribution think that it's OK to release The Time Traveler's Wife film/movie in August in the US and not until November in Australia - even after they've been sitting on it for months (AND Eric Bana, who plays Henry, is A Local Boy).
  • Cut out and sew another quiltlet (letter S is next on my making list)
  • Work out yardage/meterage for another quilt project from some deeeeelicious new Australian designed fabrics
  • Finish planning Monday's presentations at the work seminar that's on
  • Aim to write a 1000 word draft of an article that's due, oh, by the end of May for a work-related publication
  • Write a short blurb for another work-related conference presentation that needs to be in early this week
  • Feel happy that I have till mid-June before another work-related article for a publication is due
  • Try not to think that there are going to be five quilt projects requiring instructions to be written
  • Plan to quilt, bind and write instructions for another table runner that's due next week
  • Plan to quilt, bind and label one quilt show entry quilt (due in by Wednesday) and bung some velcro on the other entry
  • Breathe. Eat lunch and dinner sometime, too.
  • Stop writing an entry for my recently-sparse blog and get back to the list above....

Nothing like a quiet Sunday.


Is there?


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What can I read after reading the time travelers wife? Nothing seems to match up!