Saturday, May 16, 2009

Do you know Booko?

This house contains quite a few books (cough).  Recently, some have been coming from The Book Depository (gimmick: free shipping worldwide) - it's a UK online bookshop, and with our dollar being strong against the pound, plus free shipping (most books arrive in a week), it's been pretty good.  Certainly cheaper than buying the identical books locally, sad to say.  And well packed, so they don't get bingled (unlike some Amazon orders which thumped about in their boxes and arrived the worse for wear).
But what if you wonder if you're getting the best price, and you can't be bothered checking a whole shebang bunch of online shops for what you want?  This week I learned about Booko (  Bung in the title you want (or for greatest precision, the book's ISBN/International Standard Book Number) and hey presto, a whole bunch of prices from a multitude on online bookshops, INCLUDING freight costs and ALL CONVERTED to Australian dollars.
Great little online toy, that one.  Another good one if you do want to convert currencies is the Oanda VisualFX converter.  What I like about this is that it doesn't have to load another page to show you the conversions.
Of course if you're buying a certain number of books, or over a certain dollar value, some sites will offer free shipping too, but for a one-book comparison, Booko's handy-dandy to know about.  (I've just reread its info page: it can calculate shipping for multiple items from one supplier).


Judy said...


Thanks so much for the link to Booko, besides quilting books are my other bottomless pit for any spare money. I buy a lot of books online and the Book Depository is one of the places and they are faster sometimes the OZ online book shops.I loved your rant about the Myer book department and no one should bother with them.

Love also both the quilt stories, "Waterspring" i loved as soon as I saw it and it is my favourite colours and on my list (long list) to be made the magazine is put by ready.

Candy Schultz said...

Wow. That's handy. Thanks. I have noticed amazon is not packing things as carefully as they used to.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Roo - what a handy site!