Monday, April 24, 2006

iPod bag

060424 iPod bag 6
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Finally got the iPod shuffle to work (that's a long and boring tale...) and so it needed a bag. Something simple to cart it around in. Yes, it has a silicon cover, but needed more, something to hold the earphones too.

So I fished out selvedge trims from the Flea Market Fancy quilt and other scraps and this is the result - almost finished.

A happy evening's work while ABC TV went through another excellent Australian Story (the gay cowboy), Four Corners (the Brazilian shot in London who wasn't a terrorist) and Denton/Enough Rope (interviewing Brenda Blethyn and Australian of the Year Prof. Ian Frazer, who is researching a vaccine for cervical cancer).

And why succumb to an iPod? To carry around some space that's mine for the inevitable queues of modern life (bank, supermarket, appointments various).

Only 120 songs? a teenager asked incredulously. Well yes; that's still about 6 hours of music, and if I'm in a 6-hour queue I'll have gone berserk long before it REACHES 6 hours! And I don't yet feel the need to carry every song and musical piece and the contents of every CD in the house around with me daily...

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