Friday, April 21, 2006

Loot deployed

0604 Flea Market Flancy
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
Some of the Flea Market Flancy, I mean Fancy fabrics from a couple of days ago pieced into a quilt. The top's being pinned before being quilted.


Caitlin said...

Sheesh, Roo, when do you SLEEP?!?!?

chest of drawers said...

I have just looked through your whole blog...I think it´s lovely, like a beautiful magazine. Why did you make a break between Jan.2005 and Jan. 2006?

Pennie & David said...

Ha ah! I didn't know who Rooruu was when you posted a comment on our Blog but after skimming down your profile the name 'Georgette Heyer' sprang out and hit me! Great Blog, just spent a most enjoyable time checking it out!! cheers Pennie

rooruu said...

@ Caitlin - I sleep at night. Well, late, because I'm up sewing!
@ claudia - The blog restarted because I began carrying a digital camera everywhere and set myself the challenge of finding a photo for every day
@ Pennie - didn't think it would take you long to work out rooruu's identity!