Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Vintage cutlery

0604 vintage cutlery
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Older cutlery like these forks and spoons is strong and beautiful. Bric-a-brac stalls are gradually increasing my collection.

It is the cutlery of my childhood, and while my cheap department-store moving-out-of-home cutlery purchase from years ago hasn't exactly worn out, it was chancing on some soup spoons in this (very common) design of silverplate cutlery that pointed out what I was missing.

This cutlery has heft and strength. It doesn't need endless polishing, but it sits well in the hand, digs out icecream without bending and is a pleasure to use.

I've been adding to my collection and using the additions daily. These two bundles came from a junk stall on the weekend @ $18 (Australian) per bundle - $3 per utensil.

And of course, as with so many vintage things, there is the wonder of who owned it new, who owned it first, who did not want it any more. There is still plenty of wear in it, none of the pieces are down to the base metal - and it will be used with respect and delight in this house.

There is so much expensive touch-me-not antique stuff - but I love this sort of use-daily vintage find.

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Michelle said...

I know - I'm the same as you only I collect vintage pyrex. I don't use it for baking at all, but I do hold fruit and food in them - but I just love their colours, and wonder at how they have never been damaged by a dishwasher!