Saturday, April 22, 2006

Vintage ninepatch

0604 vintage ninepatch
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One block from a vintage ninepatch quilt I'm rescuing.

Before any purists howl, it needs rescuing - the back is shredded, the binding virtually gone and some seams have burst. Nor is it a museum quilt, it's an everyday utility scrap quilt (purchased on eBay). So I figure it's fair game, and I'm not destroying history.

It is very interesting to be aiming to match in some replacement blocks where fabrics have disintegrated. I need to use very 'quiet' fabrics, to use Roberta Horton's terminology (from her book on scrap quilts), while today's taste even in reproduction fabric ranges leans far more to busier designs. Nor have the mourning prints had much attention in repro ranges, with other colours favoured more than these.

It certainly needed washing - the water was Very Brown, it took more than one wash and rinse.

I'd date it to the turn of nineteeth/twentieth century, with the mourning prints and cadet blues and so forth - the whole quilt does look like it was devised from scraps.

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