Sunday, September 30, 2007


0709 breakfast
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It's not everybody's cup of tea (but then, I don't like or drink tea myself, so we all have our quirks). Twenty grams of fibre in there, before you get to the three grams in the banana. Low-fat, high calcium milk (it's amazing how rich standard milk tastes when you're not used to it - and it's not a madly fatty food). This works for me because it's decent, filling fuel to start the day.

If you want to see more nutritional data than you thought you needed (numbers! star ratings! pretty graphs! detailed analysis!) then prance on over to this site:
This is the small banana page, but go search and enjoy... I'm a tad boggled by the number of fast food chains in the US, lots more than you see here in Oz. The site will also suggest healthier options and if you register (free - just avoid the magazine sub/mailing list bits by ticking no) then you can create a "pantry" and analyse "recipes" (so for instance I can bung in the three items above and get a total analysis) or even your day's total consumption. The site's from Conde Nast publishers but the content appears pretty reliable.

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Isabelle said...

Yes, I sometimes eat this myself. Love the rose and also the Ken story.