Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pink blossom, blue sky

0708 pink blossom, blue sky
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Couldn't be anything but spring, could it? In the street of my earlier childhood, blossom trees in white and pale and dark pink lined both sides and were glorious in their season.

Blossom like that doesn't last - which is part of the pleasure it gives. When so much is available all the time, anywhere, on demand, it's good that we also have daffodils come and go, and spring blossom, and frangipanis scenting summer, and maple leaves in autumn, and the pleasure of a winter fire. All the seasonal stuff that puts you in the present and lets you focus on now - not regret or anticipation or all the many ways we think about the past and the future, but now. The sun is shining, the morning air is still clean and clear - but nippy, because it's spring. All good things about this moment. What can you see, or hear, or smell, from where you are reading this, that's good for you in this moment? I hope you have things to savour too.


candyschultz said...

And over here the trees are starting to turn as Autumn begins. I am freezing at the moment. I refuse to put the heat on this early. I like Spring and Summer but Fall is my favorite season. Where I live the colors of the trees are glorious and nothing like taking a walk through piled up leaves on a crisp, sunny Fall day. Winter I don't want to talk about.

Taphophile said...

I see the vivid spring green of new leaves on the elm tree and hear the sound of a researcher poring over an archival collection for her thesis. Coffee is brewing in the tea-room. Time to go.