Sunday, September 30, 2007


It's a while since I've done any dressmaking, but I was browsing the pattern books this morning. There are three patterns which caught my eye... (Right click on a link and open it in a new tab/window if you want to keep this page open).

This skirt, which is reminiscent of Taking Shape fabric origami - View C (the middle one) is my preference .

(Vogue 7880)

This kimono jacket which would be cool for summer, and a chance to use a fabulous fabric

(Simplicity 4134)

And this quirky designer outfit, top and skirt, further fabric origami and embellishment

(Vogue 2971 by Koos Van Den Akker)

If you wonder how a particular pattern might be to make up, then Sewing Pattern Review is a site worth knowing about.

You really have to find a pattern you like a LOT, given the price of pattern + fabric + bits soon adds up - it's not worth making basics (as I remember doing as a teenager and in my twenties) because you can buy them more cheaply. But if you have the time and want something individual, it's worth it.

Marcy Tilton, who designs for Vogue, has some great unusual shapes with embellishment/stitching ideas, clothes and bags - here's a page with her designs.

It's also really fun to look at the shapes and styles in Vintage Vogue; there are some good bag patterns among the fashion accessories, too.

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Marcie said...

love the kimono pattern - I have to make that!