Friday, September 07, 2007

Lemons in the rain

0708 lemons in the rain
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It rained again overnight, but was sunny at times today. More rain during the day and tomorrow, and then fine weather again, they say. So sometime soon the lemons will be ripe for picking.

A lot of people had the day off today, a public holiday due to APEC, but not where I work. The roads were rather empty this morning and will likely be the same going home.

My biggest APEC question: what 'national attire' will be this year's APEC 'class photo' garb? (Otherwise known as the 'funny shirts' photo). See, it's the big questions of life that occupy me....

Akubras and Drizabones is my guess, with elastic sided boots, moleskins and check shirts. (No horses in sight, the equine flu's done for four legged horsy props).

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