Saturday, September 22, 2007

I went to Ikea...

...because their new catalogue is out and a browse was in order.

I decided I liked this set of velveteen curtains called Unni Rand. Not quite sure for where... but somewhere.

And this quirky stainless steel topped table/desk called Vikka Hyten/Vikka Fintorp
And this rug (although there's a folky arty one they had about three years ago that I still regret not buying). It's called Unni Cirkel.

And these curtains - which I bought for the living room. They're called Hedda, and I also got plain white net curtains (Wilma) to go under them. They're replacing something rather more cottagey, and are sending me on a house-reorganising frizzle, moving pictures/quilts around on the walls and thinking how things might be edited/refreshed. They're a bit of a departure, but they're wonderfully happy and cheerful, and it's good to revamp the house (especially with school holidays a week away - time to play!). What do you think?


Carmel said...

Tis good to have a change of colour and atmosphere.
And I love IKEA!
Especially all their little storage containers and those little wooden units with the drawers. I have one of those in my sewing room. And my sewing table top is an item that we found in the AS IS area. It's great as he used those table legs that are height adjustable. Carmel

Caitlin O'Connor said...

I think the curtains are fabulous and fresh and will look WONDERFUL with some of your quilts I've been drooling over in the mags lately!