Thursday, June 22, 2006


0606 brooches
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This is the kind of quirky jewellery I love. I'm assured that the quilts used for these were shattered cutters unworthy of heritage conservation, and that no cats or dogs were harmed in the making of the brooches. Isn't that a relief?

They have such wonderful individuality, despite being such simple shapes. While I'm not holus-bolus in favour of reworking old quilts (the quilts-into-dresses of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers still make me shudder, even though I love the film) the quilt/s from which these came are still appreciated, rather than still disintegrating.

SBFSB Costume designer Walter Plunkett went to Salvation Army shops, found the quilts and recut them into costumes. Imagine going into op shops and finding quilts like that! Things sure were different in the 1950s...!

At some stage I plan to footle about with scraps and make some brooches to join these ones.

Another sort of quirky jewellery I'd like to track down is the bracelets made from discarded red cricket ball leather. If you know anything about these, do let me know through the comments, please thankyou.

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