Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Reading: The Snow Goose

0606 reading: The Snow Goose
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A classic, with evocative watercolours by Peter Scott. Although I once had a paperback, it was great to find this second-hand hardback version.

If you've never read it, you should.

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keryn said...

SNAP! Mereth and I have that exact book. We used to cry and cry, it was so sad. We also love his book Jennie, about the cat. Wept buckets over that one as well. There was another book, called King Of The Wind, and the end was so sad the book used to drop from my fingers onto the bed while I sobbed. I see a pattern here...

Love those childhood classics, especially the originial copies. I recently gave my cheap Omnibus version of the Narnia Chronicles to Goodwill; I will hunt out the original single versions for my library and some other family can enjoy the story in the (to me)charmless modern copy.