Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Spotty dotty

0606 spotty dotty
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It really is quite rude, the way fabrics call your name when you're innocently perusing the bolts in a patchwork shop. This one "HOY"-ed at me across the aisle at the quilt show last week. I looked, I smiled, I knew I'd spent that day's budget, I replaced it on the shelf.

So this week when I was perfectly respectably in a patchwork shop getting binding fabric for another quilt, it "HOY"-ed at me again. Same bolt (well, it is one of my local quilt shops) (a fact which hadn't eluded me at the show) (but I did need the binding fabric, and it was entirely accidental that I should go to this particular local shop, of course it was). Rather thinner than it was last week. Such raucous behaviour. Very uncharacteristic of the Japanese (it's by Quilt Gate). Except (and this may be true of all nations) when watching the soccer (World Cup note: Australia beat Japan this week). Japan has its revenge: I grandly said I'd buy the bolt (well, there was just over a metre left). It's come home with me, and has reverted to being quiet and reserved (with just an edge of smugness).


Caitlin said...

Such willpower to leave it the first time when it was OBVIOUSLY meant for you!

Anonymous said...

A very witty "and how I've been there "piece of writing! Would make a good article in a mag with a project....The "Dotty Hoy" Project. Carmel