Monday, June 12, 2006

May 2006 mosaic

May 2006
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The daily photos from the blog, May 2006. It intrigues me to see the effect from a distance of the colours, to see over a year whether they reflect the seasonal changes, or not. Or what?!

See what you think - here's the set of mosaics

The year's nearly half done, and I've been able to keep up a photo a day. Not always one taken on the day...but some days you get an unwastable bunch of good ones. I notice that sometimes in summer, when the days were longer and I could get photos after work, I was catching stuff I could play with in flickr groups, numbers and letters and signs and so forth, while as the year travelled towards winter and more and more deadlines were running me down, I would sometimes get several photos in one day and spread them over several days. Gee it's great to be able to make up your own rules!

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