Friday, June 23, 2006


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With people coming to dinner tomorrow, today's time to start cooking - having chosen recipes that can be done ahead. They improve overnight, too. The plan is that tomorrow is serene, with the cooking mostly done. Hope so.

To begin: my pumpkin soup accompanied by spinach and fetta scones. Baker's Delight has recently started producing spinach and fetta scones, so I thought I'd play with my standard scone recipe and come up with my version of these as a nice accompaniment to the soup (my other favourite accompaniment is Irish soda bread).

To middle: Stephanie Alexander's recipe for beef bourguignon, which I've tried before. Cooked in an enamel and cast iron casserole, long and slow, its flavours are subtle and winter-beautiful. I don't care if it's old fashioned or sixties-kitsch or whatever - it tastes wonderful.

To end: a dark chocolate torte from a recipe I ripped from a magazine some time ago.

And, if I get time, chocolate orange sticks.

Unrelated World Cup soccer note: Australia, having been beaten by Brazil (but we gave them a match!) drew with Croatia this morning (4.30am alarms aren't the best thing in the world...) and is into the second round. Woohoo! Leichhardt is going to be very conflicted: the next match is against Italy.

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