Friday, November 03, 2006


0610 artichokes
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
One day a designer of aliens for Dr Who will realise the possibilities of artichokes...

You kinda wonder who first looked at them and thought, Yup, that would be edible!


Kat said...

Which episode of which Star Trek series was called "Tin Man"? Tin Man was a sort of biological spaceship--he looked like an artichoke.

lusi said...

Hi there!
Love this photo :)
Surfed on here from Elsie's blog! Love your close up work.


Anne Thompson said...

Your photos are really cool! I was just surfing around and saw your site, hope you don't mind! I love photography! Anne

candyschultz said...

I do wonder stuff like that. Have you seen a rambutan? You would have to be nuts to think you could eat that but it is delicious.